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Reading Papyri, Writing Ancient History (Approaching the Ancient World)

Whereas historians corresponding to Herodotus, Plutarch and Tacitus inform a lot concerning the political and inexpensive worlds of the Egyptian, Greek and Roman civilizations, papyri offer information regarding their society, existence and humans. during this publication, the writer demonstrates how papyrological files are very important in writing the heritage of the traditional international.

The Rhetoric of Manhood: Masculinity in the Attic Orators

The concept that of manhood used to be immensely vital in historic Athens, shaping its political, social, felony, and moral structures. This ebook, a groundbreaking research of manhood in fourth-century Athens, is the 1st to supply a accomplished exam of notions approximately masculinity present in the Attic orators, who symbolize probably the most very important resources for realizing the social historical past of this era.

Ancient Greece (DK Eyewitness Books)

Full-color pictures. This examine the tradition that the majority stimulated Western society tells how the Greeks made struggle and worshiped their gods, and examines their legacy of technological know-how, drugs, philosophy and artwork. "While there are different titles that proportion the point of interest, age point, and normal assurance of this quantity, it really is difficult to overcome the recognition of the format and the wonderful thing about the illustrations came upon the following.

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Aristotle, Politics, 1, 2 In the ancient Greek and Roman world, the polarity between ‘slave’ and ‘free’ seemed as natural a way of dividing up the human race as those between men and women or young and old. But Greek philosophers soon recognised that 14 THE SLAVE AS PROPERTY these pairs of words were not all alike. That human beings were either male or female was clear; but in the case of the opposites ‘young and old’ or ‘rich and poor’, the reason for classifying certain intermediate examples as one or the other could be relative, or simply arbitrary.

45) What we have said regarding the number of slaves who may be manumitted by Will is to be interpreted in such a way that in a situation where only half, a quarter or a fifth may be freed, there is no requirement to manumit fewer than could have been manumitted under the preceding proportion. This is provided for in the law itself, for it would have been absurd if the owner of ten slaves should be allowed to manumit five (because he may free up to half that number), while the owner of twelve should not be allowed to manumit more than four.

31) Although the Lex Aelia Sentia only gives this right to acquire Roman citizenship to those who were less than thirty years old on manumission and thus became Latins, this was later extended to persons who were over thirty on manumission and became Latins, by a Senate Recommendation passed in the consulship of Pegasus and Pusio [early in the reign of Vespasian]. (32) But even if the Latin dies before he has been able to establish that he has a year-old son, the mother can prove it, and if she was previously a Latin she will thus become a Roman citizen herself.

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