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By Paul John Frandsen

This paintings examines the facts for marriage and sexual relatives among siblings and among dad or mum and baby in historical Egypt and pre-Islamic Iran. Incestuous relationships, as a cultural characteristic, is generally brushed off for either historical Egypt and Iran in view that the proof for it truly is unreliable or that it's only stumbled on because the exception, being allowed for royalty as repre-sentatives of the divine in the world. Neither view, from the viewpoint of this examine, is tenable. This booklet restricts its exam to the resources for incestuous relationships among individuals of non-royal nuclear households and places forth arguments opposed to the commonly held axiom that the prohibition of incest is a common phenomenon.

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In other words, they would have had plenty of time to rectify their deviations from previously accepted norms and to return to ‘civilized’ forms of establishing kin groups. That is, if there was anything to rectify. Perhaps the exceptional behaviour of the Greeks was not all that exceptional. Let us, for the sake of argument, assume that Shaw is right in thinking that the close-kin marriages attested in the census material reflect a practice current among the descendents of Greek settlers alone.

Who were, in his days, the contemporaries of Moses? Should we be looking for parallels in the evidence from the Pharaonic Period, or did the later ‘Egyptians’ practise incest of the second type? e. 482, emperor 527-565) a law was issued that made the Egyptian practice (exemplum Aegyptiorum) of accepting marriage between a man and his deceased brother’s wife illegal in spite of 47 INCESTUOUS AND CLOSE-KIN MARRIAGE the fact that the woman was a virgin, that is, the first marriage had not been consummated.

They all imply a Greek male marrying an Egyptian female, never the other way round. 146 But while they accept the Graeco-Roman Period as the chronological frame of the phenomenon, the agreement stops when it comes to interpreting the data concerning who actually practised brother-sister marriages. Bagnall and Frier write: Granted the notorious onomastic complexity of Roman Egypt, it is also impossible to be sure whether brother-sister marriage was more frequent among those of Greek or of Egyptian ancestry; but both ethnicities probably practiced it fairly widely, whatever the actual origin of brother-sister marriage may have been.

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