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By Lori L. Rowlett

Joshua and the Rhetoric of Violence examines the booklet of Joshua as a building of nationwide id, and exhibits how the Deuteronomist used struggle oracle language and epic ancient lore to barter sociopolitical limitations . '

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Pro-Assyrian elements who had supported Manasseh and Amon, loyalists to the old pagan cults, and perhaps even paid Egyptian agents, and... 50 The original history was intended to meet exactly this sort of opposition by emphasizing that the Deuteronomic law was of great authority and antiquity, that centralization was a feature of the earliest worship, and that Jerusalem was the place chosen by Yahweh for the centralization. Jeroboam's 'sin' of non-central worship had brought destruction to the Northern Kingdom.

Historical Context 35 ... a late innovation inappropriate by its nature and hence categorically objectionable.. it accomplished a positive good only under isolated, outstanding representatives. 1 8 Noth seems blind to the fact that presenting Josiah as outstanding in comparison with other monarchs would have obvious ideological advantages for Josiah and his power structure. Although Noth favors a sixth century dating rather than a Josianic dating for the history,19 he does say that events20 during Josiah's reign are 'an especially important part of the historical presuppositions to the Dtr's work'.

2 Noth points out that in Deut. 9-11 the Dtr equates the concepts of covenant and law (cf. also Deut. 13), but Noth fails to attach any ideological significance to this rhetorical linkage. In Noth's interpretation of the Dtr, the demand for observance of the divine law has as its background the 'fact' that God was manifested and acted at the beginning of Israelite history and has repeatedly intervened to help. 13 Noth was not unaware of the Dtr's peculiar use of the word 'law'. He said that it 'foregrounded' the Dtr's concern with centralization of the cult in the one place of worship (Deut.

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