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This new spirit was born of the vague longings which caused Italian national sentiment to take hopeful refuge from the miseries of the present in the memory of the greatness of the Roman republic. The supremacy of Gothic did not extend as far as Italy, whose ubiquitous ruins recalled the splendours of a vanished age. True, in Dante85 Italy possessed a poet such as no other . nation could boast, and it was from him that the vernacular received its classic impress ; but Dante for his guide chose Virgil, and though he may have glorified the mediaeval outlook and Catholic metaphysics, this did not prevent him from rebuking the church for its misdeeds.

Great is the fame of Chrysoloras,98 who taught mainly in Florence, travelled widely as a diplomat and found his last resting-place in Constance - besides writing his Erotemata, the fi rst Greek grammar for foreigners. B ut only a few, such as Leonardo Bruni,99 who died as Chancellor of the Florentine Republic in 1 444, benefited enough from his teaching to be able to translate competently a serious book. Anyone who really wanted to learn ancient Greek had first to go to Constantinople, and really good manuscripts were only to be obtained from the east.

The cathedral at Aachen, the imperial palaces, the miniatures and carved ivories are as clearly modelled on Roman buildings as on 76 L. 3, 1 898, 599f. 805-862) ; SSl 92. 28. 27. 18 History cif Classical Scholarship works of art from the east. The west was quite capable of developing further what came to it from outside ; but this new world, bursting with the energy of youth, was not about to deliver itself completely into the hands of the old. On the contrary, the Teutonic and Latin races now became conscious of their individuality and soon began to write in their native languages, which Latin had helped them to perfect.

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