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METEOROLOGY this present day, 9th version, is likely one of the most generally used and authoritative texts for the introductory meteorology direction. This 9th variation is helping you already know and get pleasure from the dynamic nature of the inevitable climate phenomena that regularly impression our lives. The text's transparent and welcoming narrative is supplemented by means of various pedagogical positive factors that motivate staring at, calculating, and synthesizing info.

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Meteorology Today

METEOROLOGY this present day, 9th version, is among the most generally used and authoritative texts for the introductory meteorology direction. This 9th version is helping you realize and enjoy the dynamic nature of the inevitable climate phenomena that consistently effect our lives. The text's transparent and alluring narrative is supplemented via a number of pedagogical good points that inspire watching, calculating, and synthesizing info.

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F I G U R E 1. 9 Both air pressure and air density decrease with increasing altitude. 2 pressure is inches of mercury (Hg), which is commonly used in the field of aviation and on television and radio weather broadcasts. 92 in. Hg. Billions of air molecules push constantly on the human body. This force is exerted equally in all directions. We are not crushed by it because billions of molecules inside the body push outward just as hard. Even though we do not actually feel the constant bombardment of air, we can detect quick changes in it.

The atmosphere is quite turbulent, as instruments reveal twisting eddies and fierce winds in excess of 125 mi/hr. This thick dense atmosphere produces a surface air pressure of about 90,000 mb, which is 90 times greater than that on earth. To experience such a pressure on earth, one would have to descend in the ocean to a depth of about 900 m (2950 ft). Moreover, this thick atmosphere of CO2 produces a strong greenhouse effect, with a scorching hot surface temperature of 480°C (900°F). The atmosphere of Mars, like that of Venus, is mostly carbon dioxide, with only small amounts of other gases.

The incidence of heart attacks shows a statistical peak after the passage of warm fronts, when rain and wind are common, and after the passage of cold fronts, when an abrupt change takes place as showery precipitation is accompanied by cold gusty winds. Headaches are common on days when we are forced to squint, often due to hazy skies or a thin, bright overcast layer of high clouds. For some people, a warm dry wind blowing down-slope (a chinook wind) adversely affects their behavior (they often become irritable and depressed).

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