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By Hiroshi Fukumura, Masahiro Irie, Yasuhiro Iwasawa, Hiroshi Masuhara, Kohei Uosaki

From man made surfaces to dwelling cells, Molecular Nano Dynamics, Vol. I and Vol. II explores greater than forty very important equipment for dynamic statement of the nanoscale. Edited by means of absolute technological know-how greats from Japan, this two-volume set covers all very important facets of this subject: nanoscale spectroscopy and characterization instruments, nanostructure dynamics, unmarried dwelling phone dynamics, lively surfaces, and unmarried crystals. Destined to be the definitive reference paintings on nanoscale molecular dynamics and their statement for years yet to come, it is a must-have reference for chemists, physicists, actual chemists, theoretical chemists, and fabrics scientists.

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STM induced luminescence, (alternatively called photon scanning tunneling microscopy, PSTM) which observes the luminescence induced by the STM tunneling current, is also beyond the scope of this chapter. 1 Raman Spectroscopy STM-Raman spectroscopy utilizes the effect that Raman scattering is enhanced for a molecule in the vicinity of a metal nanostructure. This enhancement effect is generally called surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS). When a sharp scanning probe, such as a tunneling tip for STM, is used as a metal nanostructure to enhance Raman intensity, it is called “tip-enhanced Raman scattering” (TERS).

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And Pettinger, B. (2004) Preparation of gold tips suitable for tipenhanced Raman spectroscopy and light emission by electrochemical etching. Rev. Sci. , 75, 837–841. , Schuster, R. and Ertl, G. (2005) Tip-Enhanced Raman spectroscopy (TERS) of malachite green isothiocyanate at Au(111): bleaching behavior under the influence of high electromagnetic fields. J. , 36, 541–550. 29 Domke, K. , Zhang, D. and Pettinger, B. (2006) Toward Raman fingerprints of single dye molecules at atomically smooth Au(111).

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