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By J. Bahcall, W. Haxton, K. Kubodera, C. Poole

Neutrinos play a key function in lots of parts of particle physics, nuclear physics and astrophysics. the hot discovery of neutrino oscillation has given the 1st trace of latest physics past the traditional version. truly, this can be very vital to check extra the oscillation and different primary homes of neutrinos. it's also very important to enhance our wisdom of neutrino-nucleus reactions, that are the most important for realizing a wide type of astrophysical phenomena. those and plenty of different fascinating questions might be investigated at stopped pion neutrino amenities just like the one deliberate for the Spallation Neutron resource on the Oak Ridge nationwide Laboratory. the aim of the Carolina Symposium used to be fold: to discover and trade rules at the most up-to-date advancements mostly frontiers of neutrino physics and comparable fields; and to deal with particular concerns concerning the above-mentioned stopped pion neutrino facility. one of the subject matters lined within the court cases are: cosmology and neutrino; commonplace version exams with neutrinos; neutrino oscillation, experiments and theories; darkish subject seek; double beta-decay; infrequent occasions detection recommendations; the sun neutrino challenge; supernova explosion, nucleosynthesis; and the ORLaND undertaking.

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This second process is the r- or rapid-process, characterized by: • The neutron capture is fast compared to (3 decay rates. • The equilibrium maintained within a nucleus is established by (n, 7) <+ (7, n): neutron capture fills up the available bound levels in the nucleus until this equilibrium sets in. The new Fermi level depends on the temperature and the relative n / 7 abundance. • The nucleosynthesis rate is thus controlled by the /? decay rate: each j3~ capture converting n - • p opens up a hole in the neutron Fermi sea, allowing another neutron to be captured.

BOLTZTRAN is a three-flavor Boltzmann neutrino transport solver29,30, now extended to fully general relativistic flows15. In the simulation we include here31, it was employed in the 0(v/c) limit. AGILE is a conservative general relativistic hydrodynamics code 15 ' 32 . Its adaptivity enables us to resolve and seamlessly follow the shock through the iron core into the outer stellar layers. 39 0 100 200 300 400 time after bounce [ms] 500 Figure 1: We trace the shock, nuclear burning, and dissociation fronts (the shock and dissociation fronts are coincident), which carve out three regions in the (r,t) plane.

R 131 ma Ipi> = 212 ms 1 ^ = 312 ma Figure 4: Two-dimensional entropy plots showing the evolution of neutrino-driven convection in our 15 M© model at 137, 212, and 512 ms after bounce. proximation in neutrino-thin regions. ] In the Burrows et al simulations6, neutrino-driven convection in some models significantly boosted the shock radius and led to explosions. However, they stressed that success or failure in producing explosions was ultimately determined by the values chosen for the neutrino spectral parameters in their gray ray-by-ray (one-dimensional) neutrino diffusion scheme.

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