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Das Sehen in der Dämmerung: Physiologie und Klinik

Kenntnisse auf dem Gebiete der Physiolo ie gehoren zum Bildungsgut des Arztes, ja jedes Naturforschers. Das hier be handelte Thema ist sogar oft Gegenstand von Fragen, die der Laie an den Arzt richtet und die der Arzt manchmal nicht be friedigend beantworten kann. Der Verfasser hat sich deshalb be muht, bei aller Knappheit der Darstellung auch dem fachlich Uneingeweihten verstandlich zu bleiben.

The Strategy of Life: Teleology and Mechanics in Nineteenth Century German Biology

Teleological pondering has been steadfastly resisted by way of glossy biology. And but, in approximately each region of analysis biologists are difficult pressed to discover language that doesn't impute purposiveness to dwelling varieties. The lifetime of the person organism, if no longer existence itself, turns out to use a number of strate gem stones in attaining its reasons.

Starting out in Statistics: An Introduction for Students of Human Health, Disease, and Psychology

To shape a powerful grounding in human-related sciences it truly is crucial for college students to understand the basic options of statistical research, instead of easily studying to exploit statistical software program. even though the software program turns out to be useful, it doesn't arm a pupil with the abilities essential to formulate the experimental layout and research of a examine venture in later years of analysis or certainly, if operating in study.

Data-driven Modelling of Structured Populations: A Practical Guide to the Integral Projection Model

This booklet is a “How To” consultant for modeling inhabitants dynamics utilizing necessary Projection versions (IPM) ranging from observational facts. it really is written through a number one learn staff during this quarter and contains code within the R language (in the textual content and on-line) to hold out all computations. The meant viewers are ecologists, evolutionary biologists, and mathematical biologists attracted to constructing data-driven types for animal and plant populations.

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First, there are some generalities about the form and structure of mammalian erythrocytes. The human erythrocyte, which may be regarded as typical, is basically a circular disc, with a diameter ofapproximately 8 x 10-4 cm, and a thickness of2 x 10-4 cm. The two faces of the disc are not planar, but are closer to each other in the centre than at the edges of the erythrocyte, giving the cell its characteristic biconcave form. Erythrocytes are present in enormous numbers in the blood stream, there normally being between 4,000,000 and 6,000,000 cells in each cubic millimeter of blood.

If not, can you explain the discrepancy? 1). 4). 17). There is, however, one 52 OPTIMALITY PRINCIPLES IN BIOLOGY special ease of interest, whieh deserves explieit mention. Suppose that the original vessel bifureates into two vessels of equal radius; Le. n = r2. 21) This is the result obtained by Cohn7, using what seems at first sight to be a quite different argument. However, the interested reader may verify that the cost funetional involved in Cohn's eomputation is equivalent to the one used above.

Weinstock, McGraw-HilI, New York,1952. 40 OPTIMALITY PRINCIPLES IN BIOLOGY 8. This form for the functional J(y) emerged very early from a study of the classical problems of the calculus of variations. It seems at first sight to be of a very special nature, but in reality, such an integral representation is possible for arbitrary functionals under very general conditions. 1 Introduction THE vascular system is the name given to the system of arteries, capillaries, and veins which carries blood from the heart to all parts of the body and back again.

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