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By Claudia Maienborn

This guide contains, in 3 volumes, an in-depth presentation of the state-of-the-art in linguistic semantics from a wide selection of views. It comprises 112 articles written through best students from worldwide. those articles current targeted, but obtainable, introductions to key matters, together with the research of particular semantic different types and buildings, the historical past of semantic study, theories and theoretical frameworks, technique, and relationships with comparable fields; in addition, they offer specialist tips on themes of discussion in the box, at the strengths and weaknesses of present theories, and at the most likely instructions for the longer term improvement of semantic learn. in lots of instances, the articles written for this guide promise to develop into the traditional references at the subject matters they disguise. This paintings will supply a necessary reference for either complicated scholars and researchers in semantics and similar fields inside linguistics, psychology, philosophy, and different components.

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If Frege’s argument is convincing, it establishes the conclusion that the sense of an expression is distinct from its reference. The argument tells us what sense is not, it does not tell us what it is. The premises of the argument are compatible with every assumption about the nature of sense that allows the sense of an expression to differ from its reference. 3. (Frege on) Sense and reference 3. 1. The sense and reference of predicates and sentences Not only proper names have sense and reference.

Syntax and Semantics 9: Pragmatics. New York: Academic Press, 113–128. Reprinted in: H. P. Grice. Studies in the Way of Words. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1989, 41–57. Grice, H. Paul 1981. Presuppositions and conversational implicatures. In: P. ). Radical Pragmatics. New York: Academic Press, 183–198. Reprinted in: H. P. Grice. Studies in the Way of Words. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1989, 269–282. Grice, H. Paul 1989. Studies in the Way of Words. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press.

Few linguists and philosophers nowadays subscribe to literalism because they recognize that indexicality is an ineliminable feature of natural languages. However, many subscribe to minimalism. Grice urged an inferential model of the pragmatic process whereby a hearer infers the conversational implicatures of an utterance from what is said. But he embraced the minimalist view that what is said departs from the linguistic meaning of the uttered sentence only as is necessary for the utterance to be truth-evaluable (cf.

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