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By Lance F. Bosart, William A. Sprigg, National Research Council

Responds to a request from the Administrator of NOAA to check the meteorological buoy/C-MAN process for, basically, its worth in interpreting present climatic conditions & in supplying climate forecasts & warnings, & to suggest a distribution of staring at systems that might retain crucial climate forecast services.

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1992). The buoy/C-MAN observations have been especially helpful in studies of the marine environment in which coastal fronts form in situ offshore. , 1993). , 1995). , Bosart and Sanders, 1991). , 1997) have helped to uncover important mesoscale aspects of coastal front life cycles for which confirmatory evidence has been obtained from coastal marine observations. In a recent study, Khandekar and Lalheharry (1996) used data from American and Canadian moored buoys to help evaluate Environment Importance of Buoy/C-MAN Observations 43 Canada’s ocean wave prediction model.

Buoys moored more than 250 km offshore can provide valuable early warning information on atmospheric and oceanic conditions associated with storms headed toward the coast. A combination of coastal Doppler radar precipitation, wind, and wave information; C-MAN observations near shore; moored buoy observations located well offshore; and satellite imagery provide information for NWS forecasters to improve warning lead times associated with major storms approaching the coast. Moored buoys also furnish data on large ocean swells that can originate from western Pacific typhoons or from intense extra tropical cyclones (ETCs) near Antarctica.

Forecasters charged with the responsibility for preparing forecasts and issuing warnings to the general public, interested federal, state and local agencies, and public safety officials scrutinize and interpret the model forecasts. , complex coastal terrain effects that can affect the distribution of flooding, such as along the California coast and behind east coast barrier islands). This “end-to-end” forecast process, whether applied to aviation, public, fire, weather, or marine forecasts, depends critically upon the first step in the process: the acquisition of observations from a functional and representative database.

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