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By Robert U. Muller, Bruno Poucet, Bruno Rivard (auth.), Patricia E. Sharp (eds.)

Since the looks of the loo O'Keefe and Lynn Nadel booklet within which they proposed that the hippocampus presents an summary, inner illustration of the animal's atmosphere, massive conceptual growth within the region of navigational details processing has been completed.
the aim of the present paintings is to consolidate fresh info and conceptual insights concerning navigational perception processing in a layout valuable to either practitioners and complicated scholars in neuroscience.

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And Wilson, M. (2000). Trajectory encoding in the hippocampus and entorhinal cortex. Neuron, 27, 169-178. Guzowski, 1. , McNaughton, B. , Barnes, C. A. and Worley, P. F. (1999) Environment specific expression of the immediate-early gene Arc in hippocampal neuronal assemblies. Nature Neuroscience, 2, 1120 - 1124. Guzowski, J. , Chawla, M. , McNaughton, B. , Worley, C. A. and Worley, P. F. (2000) Massed, but not spaced, exposure to a single environment attenuates transcription of the immediate-early gene Arc in hippocampal CAl neurons.

F r .. '. - . ~. ' ' . " '. '. 00000 00080 ~" <:~ . ', Figure 1, Effect of barrier removal and environment change on the firing fields of four hippocampal pyramidal cells, Each grayscale map plots the firing rate distribution of a cell over the environment, where increasingly darker pixels represent higher rates (lightest gray: no firing over a 16 minute session), The cells were tested in sequence: Standard - Removal - Standard - New Environment - Standard, A) Two cells whose firing fields are far from the barrier.

1991; Lever, unpublished observations). The double rotation experiment of Shapiro et al. (1997) and Tanila et al. , 1999). , submitted). In the standard condition, the Tmaze is oriented so that the cross piece is parallel to two of the walls of the room. Rotating the maze by 90°, 180° or -90° has no effect on firing fields on the central platform of the maze. For an arm field, as long as any arm is in the position where a firing field was found in the standard condition, the field is intact. In other words, fields are unaffected by the stated change of the view of the maze+room from the field location.

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