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By Johann Cook

This monograph bargains with an unexplained rfile of Hellenistic Judaism. The query of "Hellenistic effect" is addressed at the foundation of an research of a consultant variety of chapters of Septuagint Proverbs (1-2, 6, 8-9, 24, 29-31). students have argued that this booklet used to be motivated generally by way of Greek philosophy. the writer follows a contextual cultural technique. The Greek textual content is analyzed on 4 degrees: the semantic, syntactical, stylistic and the theological. the realization is that the impression of Stoicism in this Greek model has been overvalued long ago.

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He also mentions the views expressed by J. ZieglerSO that, as far as the book of Isaiah is concerned, the hexaplaric witnesses Q and Syrohexapla are not the result of Origen's work, but the work of scholars of Eusebius of Caesarea, or that Origen could have found additions tending towards Massoretic readings in his Hebrew Vorlage. SI In the final analysis he sees 928 as a real Septuagint text and not a representative of sorne other translation; for exampIe, Theodotion. s2 The implications of Zuntz's study are to sorne extent revolutionary, although the notion that adaptation towards the Hebrew took place earlier than previously thought is, of course, not new.

Dold 103 are referred to when necessary. The Vulgate version published by the Württembergische Bibelanstalt in 1969 104 is taken as representative text for the purposes of this study. The Peshitta version (Vetus Testamentum Syriace) published by the Peshitta Institute in Leiden 105 acts as basis for the comparison. As is weIl known Codex Ambrosianus (7a1) has been used as the diplomatic text for this edition. 1 deliberately omit the Targum of Proverbs as it has been based upon the Peshitta. 106 1 use these versions only as primary sources in order to understand the Septuagint.

80. 79 80 20 CHAPTER ONE therefore evident that the book of Proverbs IS unique in this regard. From the discussion thus far it is apparent that there is a difference between the hebraising adaptation towards the Hebrew which took place early, on the one hand, and the hexaplaric text which is strictly speaking Origenic, on the other. It is therefore of crucial importance to define exactly what is understood by the term hexaplaric, for as 1 indicated above both actually are distingui shed by a hebraising tendency.

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