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By Arthur Schopenhauer (Translated from the German by R. B. Haldane and J. Kemp)

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Berkeley, however, was the first who distinctly enunciated it, and by this he has rendered a permanent service to philosophy, even though the rest of his teaching should not endure. Kant s primary mistake was the is shown in the appendix. was recognised by the wise neglect of this principle, as How early again this truth men of India, appearing indeed as the fundamental tenet Vedauta philosophy ascribed to Vyasa, is pointed of the out by Sir William Jones in the last of his essays "On the philosophy of the Asiatics (Asiatic ^Researches, voL : " The fundamental tenet of 64), where he says, the Vedanta school consisted not in denying the exist " iv.

The whole dis unity of their origin, and then to explain work out all to a in be position tinctly, I could not yet PREFACE TO THE SECOND EDITION. xxiv the branches of the system with the fulness, thorough ness, and elaborateness which is only reached the by meditation of to test and support meditation which is required system by innumerable facts, to years illustrate the by the most different kinds of proof, to throw it on many from all sides, and then to place the different points of view boldly in contrast, to separate thoroughly the multifarious materials, and present them in a well- light it arranged whole.

And lastly mo weight, on the other hand, notwithstanding its universality, must be attributed to a posteriori knowledge, bility : although Kant, in his Natural Philosophy," p. " Metaphysical Introduction to 71 (p. 372 of Bosenkranz s edition), treats it as knowable a priori. But as the object in general is only for the subject, as idea, so every special class of ideas is only for an equally special quality in the subject, which is called a This subjective correlative of faculty of perception.

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