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The strategy of globalization may be visible within the bring up of: alternate interdependence, the significance of world multinational agencies, mobility and volatility of capital flows (with risks verified via the new Mexican crisis). This globalization creates either risks and new possibilities, either winners and losers. The parallel progress of neighborhood blocs is both unsafe, really for international locations left open air the nearby blocs. The e-book, with contributions by means of eminent specialists, describes the effect of either globalization and regionalization and the connection among those dominant trends.

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It also demonstrates that even firms from less developed and smaller countries have to get internationalized not only if they want to invade new markets but also in order to keep existing markets by upgrading their products and services. A very important element usually forgotten in all countries in transition tending to emphasize exclusively incoming FDI is outward FDI, which is in most of them regarded as anti-patriotic, as detrimental to the national economy. Emotions dominate the economic rationale.

3 International Involvement or Autarky? A Simple Analytic Framework H. Peter Grayl Rothschild (1983), in a discussion of the problems of international strategy facing small states, was one of the first economists to recognize the need to weigh the economic gains of involvement in the global community against the loss of national individuality that is entailed. All nations currently confront this problem of the degree to which they are willing to conform to the requirements imposed by a highly integrated international economic system and their desire to preserve national characteristics which would be washed away by full membership in a globalized economy.

There are others which do not display such rights or compassion, even though it is found in their belief-systems. To institutionalize human rights and express compassion, will be difficult, but they are ultimate tests in life. It is only through both qualities that a wider "community of interests" will be formed, enhancing the probability of the progressive evolution of mankind. Without them, no group or individual can consider themselves "safe" in the world community. There are entire societies, including the Christian West and the Muslim East, which are founded on the understanding that the world is God's, that man is a steward, and that life's purpose is to develop into "wholeness" so as to be able to return to God.

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