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This ebook is aimed toward scholars coming to the examine of western eu medieval heritage for the 1st time, and likewise graduate scholars on interdisciplinary medieval reviews programmes. It examines where of the center a long time in glossy pop culture, exploring the roots of the stereotypes that seem in movies, on tv and within the press, and asking why they continue to be so chronic. The ebook additionally asks no matter if 'medieval' is certainly an invaluable class by way of old periodization. It investigates a number of the specific demanding situations posed through medieval assets and the ways that they've got survived. And it concludes with an exploration of the relevance of medieval heritage in modern-day world.

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From around the middle of the eighteenth century there developed what is now termed the ‘Gothic Revival’, a movement which spawned countless buildings that were Popular Images of the Middle Ages 23 inspired by medieval prototypes, in particular by churches and castles. Big buildings of this sort survived from the Middle Ages much more than modest domestic structures, which tended not to have been built to last centuries or, if they did survive, were usually submerged under hundreds of years of rebuilding work.

Nor is it fanciful to suggest that later cultural incarnations of the values of the medieval knight in cowboy and action movies owe a great deal to Scott’s vision. One of the most revealing indications of Scott’s hold on people’s imaginations was the Eglinton Tournament. This was an odd case of life imitating art, for one of the big set-piece scenes in Ivanhoe is a tournament at Ashby-de-la-Zouche. In June 1838 the coronation of Queen Victoria was a low-key, cost-cutting affair light on pageantry and pomp, a fact which grated with many members of the aristocracy.

An act of homage to the distant past, the Eglinton Tournament was, paradoxically, one of the first demonstrations of the new world of mobility that the industrial age was opening up. The fact that the tournament generated so much enthusiasm is ultimately more important than the fact that this enthusiasm was largely frustrated. It shows that popularizers such as Sir Walter Scott had made an enormous impact in raising the profile of the Middle Ages. Those who had written to the organizers of the Eglinton Tournament to ask for tickets included a Lieutenant Gore of the United States Navy and a Mr B.

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