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By Christoph Carey

Trials from Classical Athens provides a range of key forensic speeches with new translations and lucid explanatory notes, detailing the strengths and weaknesses of the arguments and a dialogue of the criminal matters raised. Carey deals a various repertory of criminal case experiences which care for varied features of Athenian legislation. the quantity offers a distinct and available creation to the Athenian felony procedure and the way the procedure unearths the values and social lifetime of Classical Athens. This finished ebook can be a basic source for college kids of historical Greek background and somebody drawn to the legislation, social historical past and oratory of the traditional Greek global.

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23] When he had eaten his fill, he went off while I went to sleep. Eratosthenes, gentlemen, came in, and the serving girl woke me at once and told me that he was in the house. Telling her to watch the door, I went downstairs in silence and left the house. I called on one man after another; some I didn’t catch at home, while others, I found, were not even in town. [24] But I took as many as I could of those who were available and made my way back. We obtained torches from the nearest shop and went indoors – the door had been kept open by the serving girl.

Whatever does he mean in appearing as my opponent? Does he think that piety consists in not abandoning his mother? Personally, I think it far more impious to abandon the vengeance due to the dead man, especially as his death was unplanned and unintentional on his part, while the murder was deliberate and intentional on hers. [6] And he cannot claim that he knows for certain that his mother did not kill our father. For he refused the one source of sure knowledge, from torture, while he welcomed sources which could not provide information.

50] For I now find my person, my property, everything else, in danger, because I obeyed the city’s laws. The individual right to self-help, that is to take legally sanctioned action without recourse to the courts, persisted in certain contexts in the classical period. Among them was the punishment of the seducer (Greek moichos). Where a free male found another male having illicit sex with a woman under his protection and control, he had a range of options: he could prosecute by graphe; he could hold the guilty party prisoner and extract a ransom; he could subject him to physical degradation; he could even (where certain close female relatives at least were concerned) kill.

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