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Desk of contents
Ulrike intestine, Robert Fuchs & Eva-Maria Wunder
1 creation 1
David Deterding
2 The phonology of Brunei English: L2 English or emergent type 9
Stefanie Pillai
3 Rothicity in Malaysian English: The emergence of a brand new norm? 23
Magdalena Wrembel
4 Cross-linguistic effect in moment vs. 3rd language acquisition of phonology 41
Romana Kopečková
5 ameliorations within the belief of English vowel sounds by way of baby L2 and
L3 newcomers 71
Hemalatha Nagarajan
6 Loanword version and moment language acquisition: Convergence and divergence 91
Taiwo Soneye & Kehinde Ayoola
7 Onset consonant cluster realisation in Nigerian English: The emergence of an endogenous kind? 117
Christoph Gabriel, Johanna Stahnke & Jeanette Thulke
8 buying English and French speech rhythm in a multilingual school room: A comparability with Asian Englishes 135
Robert Fuchs & Eva-Maria Wunder
9 A sonority-based account of speech rhythm in chinese language inexperienced persons of
English 165
Heidi Altmann & Barış Kabak
10 English note rigidity in L2 and postcolonial types: systematicity and
variation 185
Sabine Zerbian
11 Prosodic marking of concentration in transitive sentences in types of South African English 209
Ulrike Gut
12 Epilogue Index 249

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Example text

3 Nominals 17 syllable). If a noun has the noun generalizer suffix, it is taken in a very abstract or general sense, not referring to any specific object or entity which exists or has existed or will exist. ’ khabo-ho. 16 Some additional examples of inalienable nouns are the following:17 (12) khabo-ho bana-ha *aithi *eretho yda-ha bode-he ‘hand’ ‘liver’ ‘son’ ‘wife’ ‘skin’ ‘fishhook’ da-khabo thy-bana l-aithi l-eretho ada yda de bode ‘my hand’ ‘its liver’ ‘his son’ ‘his wife’ ‘bark’ (tree skin) ‘my fishhook’ Alienable nouns represent the majority of nouns.

Thus, in a story about playing with an unexploded bomb that later explodes, the story teller says: kho oda-ha khona to wa-birabirady-n-bo. 4 Modality (Class +4) The fourth order class after the stem consists of three suffixes which have to do with desire, potentiality or ability, and necessity: (61) -ma -thi -li ‘HABIL’ ‘DESID’ ‘NESS’ habilitative desiderative necessitative The suffix -ma ‘habilitative’ is used to express potentiality in the sense of either ability or permission. Thus, (62) Tho-khota-ma no.

The suffix -thi ‘desiderative’ indicates desire or intention. 34 Phonology and Morphology (63) B-osa-thi-ka. ’ This suffix is never found without one of the tense/aspect suffixes in the next order class. The suffix -li ‘necessitative’ indicates obligation or necessity. This suffix not only does not co-occur with the habilitative or desiderative suffixes but also does not co-occur with the tense/aspect suffixes of the next class, +5. This may be because the meaning of this suffix seems to have a temporally forward-looking component.

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